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At Long Pond Auto Body in Rochester, NY, we have the tools and know-how to get your vehicle looking and running like new again after a collision. Whether your car needs a paint job, dents removed, or a new paint job; we will get the job done in a fair amount of time so you can get back to the important things in your life.

Frame Straightening/Repair

Today's cars and trucks are a bit more complex and need quite a bit more attention in the straightening process. Long Pond Auto Body has achieved this goal by using state of the art equipment, including the latest in computer data. Our frame tech's are all I-CAR* trained, and we provide you with over 25 years of experience. All of this adds up to a successful automobile repair.

Many of today's cars and trucks are actually designed to crush in a certain manner when an accident happens to keep injury to the vehicle's occupants at a minimum. In other words the vehicle will take most of the impact shock instead of passing it on to the occupants.

When energy absorbing structural components have done their job, the straightening or replacement of these unibody auto frame components is necessary. Over 25 years of experience tells us when a vehicle frame component should not be repaired, but instead replaced. This is very important should the vehicle get in another accident as these unibody and frame components will be required to react in the same manner as they did when the vehicle was new.

The vehicle manufacturers of many of today's light trucks require that the frame be completely replaced, instead of straightened. The reason for this is to not only return the factory strength to your vehicle, but to also make sure that you are safe.

We are extremely committed to always returning structural integrity on all the repairs we do here at long pond auto body. We want you to know that not only does your vehicle look great when it is returned to you, but that you are also safe.

Long Pond Auto Body has everything needed to get your repairs done. Some shops have to sublet work out because of a lack of equipment and or training. From start to finish, Long Pond is your complete source for collision repairs.

MIG Welding

What is MIG Welding? MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas welding, many times called Wire-feed.. Also referred as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding). The "Metal" refers to the wire which is what is used to start the arc. It is shielded by inert gas and the feeding wire also acts as the filler rod. A semi-automatic process, it is fairly easy to learn and use.

What Type Of Weld Is Best For Auto Body? MIG is required by law and by insurance companies in many localities for structural repair of automotive frames. MIG is also much easier to learn and faster to weld. For doing other types of welding, like sheet metal, it can be a matter of personal preference. For an auto body repair shop or a novice welder, a MIG is a good, practical all-around weld. You can be sure that any welding or repairs done to your vehicle will meet or exceed the expectations of your vehicles manufacturer. Your safety and the quality of your repairs is what is important to us at Long Pond Auto Body.

Do You Guarantee Your Repairs Such As Welding? Of course we do! We stand by any repairs we do to your vehicle. We will go through every process with you to make sure you fully understand the type of work being performed on your car or truck. It's your investment, we intend on helping you protect it.

Paint and Collision Repair

This is what we do best! For over 25 years our team at Long Pond Auto Body has been providing the best automotive collision repair and paint work in the Rochester NY area. Nothing but the best equipment is used to bring your vehicle back to it's original condition. From high tech color matching computers to state of the art frame machines and paint booths, you can trust that the very best results will be waiting for you when you pick up your car or truck.

We pay very close attention to all makes and models factory specs and will repair your vehicle with quality craftsmanship to meet those. many of our customers after they get their investment repaired by us come back to say their vehicle actually looks and operates better than it did before the accident.

No matter how old or what type of vehicle you have, you can expect the very best from us here at Long Pond Auto Body.

Need a small dent repaired? Call us! Do you want to have those scratches removed? Do you just want a simple doll-up and wax? Call us!

In many cases if you simply want to have a small ding repaired we can do it without even having to paint the area afterward.

Give us a call and let us go over the type of work you wish to have done. We will fully explain to you the process needed to meet your needs. Large or small, Long Pond Auto Body is your best source of automotive collision and paint repair in Rochester, NY.

Computerized Color Matching

How Can You Match The Color Of My Paint? Long Pond Auto Body uses only the best quality materials in the repair process of your vehicle. We do not cut this corner when it comes to your car or trucks paint finish.

Our skilled technicians have been trained for each process it takes to get your auto back to showroom condition.Using nothing but state of the art computerized color matching equipment we can assure you that when we hand you your keys that you will be quite pleased with the finished work. We take the time to tape off all areas of your vehicle from over-spray, and will blend the paint into existing paint work so that not even the closest of looks can tell you were ever in an accident.

We take great pride in people not being able to see our work. From the paint booth to a baked on finish, you can count on your vehicle having a new car shine!

Come see why thousands of customers over the years have come to trust and recommend Long Pond Auto Body to friends and family to repair their vehicles.

Front End Repair and Alignment

Will My Alignment Be Checked? When most people bring their car or truck to an auto body repair facility the main thing they are concerned about is how will their investment look when they get it back. At Long Pond Auto Body we go way beyond just what you see on the outside.

Many accidents no matter how minor can also do damage to mechanical areas of your vehicle. We look for those hidden damages at the same time we are looking for what you see on the surface. Many times all you may need is a simple front or complete alignment to make sure your vehicle handles just the way it did the day you bought it.

Sometimes however parts may need to be changed in order to bring your alignment back to factory specs. This is something you or your insurance company should never overlook. Not paying attention to this could result in future front or rear end damage as well as premature tire wear and pulling to one side or the other while driving down the road.

There are quite a few collision repair shops that will not take this extra step when going over the repairs you may need. make sure you ask before making that commitment if this will be looked into along with your other work. We know you want your car or truck to look good, and so do we! But we also want it to drive good as well. Your safety and the premium quality work we put into your vehicle is what matters most.

Now should you get a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment? At any rate the technician will put a sensor on each wheel. In a two-wheel alignment rear toe and thrust angle is checked. Then all the adjustments are made on the front wheels. This happens on cars that don't have rear wheel adjustments, but can determine if there is something wrong with the back wheels.

In a four-wheel alignment the rear wheels are adjusted to specification before any front wheel adjustments are made. In relation to the added work, the four-wheel alignment does costs more. All vehicles should be 4-wheel aligned. Two-wheel alignments have become obsolete because they align only the front wheels to the vehicle's centerline. A 2-wheel alignment assumes the rear wheels are already aligned with the geometric centerline.

Two-wheel alignments may save you a little money up front if this is something you want done and not related to the accident your insurance is paying for, but your vehicle's handling and tire tread life will be compromised. Now, before any wheel alignment is done, the car will be road tested so the technician can see what the vehicle is doing. Then the front end will be thoroughly inspected for worn, bent or broken parts. We will check that the tires and wheels match and that the tires pressures are set correctly.

Older cars could have the camber, caster and toe adjusted. On most modern cars, this is no longer true. On all cars toe is adjustable but front McPherson struts set caster and camber. The theory is that as long as these components are not bent or broken, the alignment will always be set properly. Notice we said "in theory." In the real world, other things besides the struts can be thrown slightly out of adjustment causing the wheel to be thrown out of line. In cases such as this, some aftermarket manufacturers make kits that can be installed to allow caster and camber adjustment.

How often should you have your wheels aligned? Some manufacturers recommend as little as 10,000 miles. Personally, we feel once a year is a good interval between alignments. A yearly alignment can add thousands of miles to your tires over the years. That's money in your pocket in tires not bought and extra fuel not burnt. Of course if you buy new tires, that's an excellent time to have your wheels aligned.

24-hour Emergency Towing

Does Long Pond Auto Body Provide Towing? At Long Pond Auto Body we believe that one of the first steps in taking care of our customers starts right at the accident scene. We know things can happen and that the last thing on your mind is what do you do next. We want you to feel like from start to finish your best interests are being looked after. So if you ever have the misfortune of being in a fender bender during your travels, please be sure to call Ray Kerhaerts Towing.

Since 1926 Ray Kerhaerts has been serving our area with professional towing service. As a matter of fact they are considered one of the 5 oldest towing companies in the entire United States. No matter if you are just around the corner or hundreds of miles away, Ray Kerhaerts is the trusted tow company of all of us here at Long Pond. Their drivers have been trained for several years in all aspects of auto towing large and small.

Quick response and customer care is what they do best. you can trust your car or truck with the people at Kerhaerts. Simply call (585) 865-8159 to speak with a member of the Kerhaert family 24 hours a day. Tell them you want your car taken to Long pond Auto Body and they will take care of the rest.

They will assure that your vehicle is secured and safe if you are towed after our business hours, as well as provide you with all the information you may need to take that next step in getting your investment repaired. There is no need to pay kerhaerts up-front to have your vehicle brought to us. If you have collision insurance on your car or truck most the time we can deal directly with the insurance company to cover those costs.

Of course by all means you are more than welcome to use your own towing company if you have one, or if you happen to have AAA auto club. But if you are in an accident and need quick worry free service just call Ray Kerhaerts Towing.

Rental Car Availability

Well you may have just been in an accident or simply want to bring your vehicle in for some minor touch up work. Now you have no way of getting around while your car or truck is being worked on. No problem! Long Pond Auto Body has a great relationship with several of the area car rental companies and can help you get back on the road until your repairs are done.

Many times if we know in advance that you are coming in we can have a car and agent from Enterprise Car Rental waiting for you here at our location. Let us help you with understanding what you are entitled to under your insurance policy for a car rental, and in many cases the insurance company will direct pay for your rental. Please feel free to visit the Enterprise link below for area agent contacts and also helpful information about renting a car.

We want to make sure that you as a customer of Long Pond Auto Body are as happy with your service from beginning to end.